3rd Round of the Supermoto World Championship!

Busca (Italy) 12 June 2016 – In sunny warm conditions and with many spectators the worldchampionship went in the 3rd round. The races were very exciting and spectacular.

Our young austrian rider, Lukas Höllbacher, couldn’t ride as good laps as he wanted to in the Super Chrono – where the best 6 riders of the first qualifying are riding again a shorter qualifying. Lukas was finally at the 4th place and could fix him a place on the 2nd start row.

Race 1:
The 21-year-old guy went high motivated into the first race. His reaction at the start was great, but he couldn’t push as good as he wanted, because of the launch-control. After the start he was finally at place 4.
The first three riders – Chareyre, Schmidt and Kejmar – had some „fights“ and changed often the positions. Lukas Höllbacher couldn’t really participate in this battle, but he was able to finish on place 4 with a gap of two seconds.

Race 2:Offroad
The start of the second race was way better, but Lukas could classify again only on the 4th place in the first corner. The husqvarna rider just found his rhythm when he suddenly lost the clutch lever. This was very annoying, because such a thing wasn’t supposed to happen at such an important race. However, Lukas rode without coupling the 4th place to the finish line.

„At the moment I’m happy with my riding. But we have in general some problem with the bike. I wasn’t really happy with the weekend in Busca, but we will find a solution for the problems for sure. However, I will come back stronger in Poland for the 4th round of the world championship. The championship is still not lost! The next race is this weekend,
the 3rd round for the German-championship. See you!”